F&F Design

Our Vision

The main point and meaning of architecture are much deeper than ordinary visual perception, where the integrity of the image consists of the nature of lighting, the play of shadows, the pattern of paving sidewalks, the bend of streets, the speed of traffic and pedestrians, and much more. Any detail can influence the consciousness and form an impression about a particular interior, house or the whole block.


So, as we believe that architecture, continuously develops around a person, then the task of the architect is to organize the space and all its details in such a way as to affect the senses as accurately as possible, setting the emotional tone of mindfulness of a whole space and each detail separately.

Our Target

The business target of Form & Function is based on the desire to change life for the better, offering new quality spatial solutions, simplicity and reliability, comfort and functionality during operation. Details that can make life better are important for the company. For Form & Function employees, this is daily diligent work.

Besides that, we aim to create a sustainable society through creating a unique architecture that transforms, inspires, and enhances the environments in which we live and love. We have a strong believe that everyone will join us in realizing our mission.

Our Philosophy

The unity of architecture, interior solutions and landscaping is the key to the success of the project. Even the most skillful facade will not cost anything if it is placed in an unsuitable environment. “Less is more” as the great Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said.


Based in Bahrain we are actively involved in projects in various countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

So, it will be fair to say, that the number of our successful projects is almost as large as the number of our partners. Those who work with us globally include:

Terrace Design Studio 
Tripoli, Libya 
STUDIO23 Architects + Engineers
Cairo, Egypt
W40 Architekten
Wiesbaden, Germany
Cholakov-Gongalov Architects
Sofia, Bulgaria