F&F Design


An integrated approach to solving even the simplest tasks allows us to provide the best design solution and form an environment around it with an optimal combination of facilities.

The commercial operations of Form & Function cover all the main stages in the design of the premises, as well as daily maintenance after the completion of construction. The list of services provided by our design studio includes:

Concept Design

We believe in the balance of simplicity of modern technical solutions and design. Our task is to form your idea of current engineering and architectural solutions based on all your wishes.
The architectural concept is a preliminary design with accompanying documents, which gives an initial idea of the future object. After agreeing on the concept with the customer, the main stages of design will begin with the choice of architectural, planning, and other solutions. Also, the architectural concept can be submitted for preliminary approval with state and municipal services.

Interior Design

The ideal interior, in our opinion, consists of several components: this is a harmonious combination of all interior elements, carefully selected textiles and decorative items, convenience and functionality of the space, sophistication and perfection of forms, which together creates an atmosphere of comfort and perfection.

We scrupulously work out all the details when developing each new project so that it becomes a real embodiment of our customer’s dream.

Material Selection & Consultation

The pleasure of the project is our main indicator of quality. Our goal is to ensure the durability of the decisions made, maintain aesthetics, and promote the principles of sustainability. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on any questions related to the design, as well as help you choose the most suitable materials.

Visualization & Animation

Our company offers a wide range of services from such areas as 3D visualization and animation for both commercial and personal purposes. Form & Function is a team of experienced specialists with a high level of qualification. Our masters are ready to implement visualization on a ready-made project as quickly and competently as possible.

We can confidently say that three-dimensional graphics and animation today are extremely effective solutions that make it possible to present this or that information to people in the most accessible and visual way. A beautiful and exciting visual design attracts the attention of users, and if this is complemented by high-quality musical accompaniment, then the interest of the target audience is guaranteed.

Physical Modeling

This service is intended for our most demanding customers. Our experts will be happy to open for you the opportunity to feel every element of your future design with your own hands.

The physical modeling of the house is a reduced copy of a multi-story or private building. The creation of such products has become a popular service around the world today. With our help, you can make a brilliant presentation of any architectural project, attract investors or potential buyers.