Smart City - Libya

The Smart City of Tripoli, an extension of the Green Belt Project, aims to create a car-free urban environment that prioritizes sustainable mobility, pedestrian pathways, and a high quality of life. Integrating an additional forest within the city and conserving trees like Eucalyptus for medicinal purposes highlights the commitment to environmental preservation. Park zones strategically placed throughout the city stimulate human-nature interaction, fostering a harmonious coexistence between

The Smart City of Tripoli realizes its vision through sustainable practices, including the conservation and strategic relocation of existing trees, particularly medicinal Eucalyptus. Building configurations prioritize social cohesion, creating an inviting atmosphere between structures. Dedicated spaces for residents to generate products from local materials contribute to economic empowerment. The implementation of car-free zones, sustainable mobility, and a deep connection with nature exemplify the design solutions, offering a modern and sustainable urban living model for Tripoli.